Harvest and links to the UNCRC

Next Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th October we will be having our Harvest assemblies. This year we are linking it to the RRSA and we will be raising money to donate to Oxfam for their water and sanitation provision. This links to Article 24, ‘All children have a right to good health and good quality health care. All children should have clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so they stay healthy.’ We will be having a non-uniform day and a toy afternoon on Thursday 24th October. Children can bring in a donation of £1 to wear their own clothes on that day and bring in a toy to play with during the afternoon. Letters will go home today.

All classes will be doing some work around this article and why we are raising money at Harvest time. The children will be taking part in a competition to design a poster to illustrate Article 24. Winners will be announced in the Harvest assemblies next week.