RRSA Steering Group Blog is born!

Welcome to the RRSA Steering Group blog! Our group meets every Thursday lunchtime and we are hoping to help our school to achieve the Rights Respecting School Award. Look out over the coming weeks for more blogs posted by our steering group and we will be introducing you to our group mascot very soon!


17 thoughts on “RRSA Steering Group Blog is born!

    • What a great question! Thank you! We would like everyone in school to know the answer to that question. RRSA stands for the Rights Respecting Schools Award. This award is given to schools who put the United Nations Convention on the Rights Of the Child (CRC) at the heart of their school. Everyone in our school needs to learn about children’s rights and respect each other.

    • Another good question! A hard one to answer because I think they are all so important. I think article 2 is so important because it says that ALL children should have these rights, whatever their race, religion, abilities and whatever background they come from. I also like article 12 because that says that all children have a right to say what they think and have an opinion about things that will affect them.
      I could also name more of them that are important, such as articles 24 and 28 but I think I have said enough! Maybe you could tell me which your favourite article is?

  1. I love the RRSA group because it teaches me to be more kind to peapol.
    what was an RRSA made up for.
    wehen will anouther vister coming in.
    how long has the RRSA been on for in this enteir world.

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